How to use digital signage for events

In this modern digital age, technological advancements have thrust us into a new and exciting events industry.

With it has come dazzling new developments in digital signage – bringing with it innovative and versatile screens that can be used in a myriad of different ways.

From social media streams to action-packed gaming screens – we take a look at the top uses for digital signage at events.



Social media has become a staple of our everyday life – I barely go a day without posting!

Live feeds can be displayed on screens to increase event awareness online and keep attendees up to date with areas of the event they would otherwise miss.

Organizers can also motivate exhibitors and delegates to tweet via the event hashtag, getting an audience personally involved with an event and marketing it for weeks to come.



Similar to social media, live streaming videos always gains lots of engagement and interest.

Digital signage allows a business to stream live videos in an even more eye-catching way and can be used to deliver breaking news, offers and information about the exhibitors.

Live streaming allows people who may not be able to be physically present at an event to view all of the action and generates a memorable conversation even after an event has passed.



Digital signage is a dazzling and exciting way to advertise a brand.

Visibility is key at events – and nothing is more visible and eye-catching than a towering 4K screen.

Whether you favour small and discreet screens or ones that float above your stand, you’re sure to emblazon your branding on your audience’s minds with digital signage.



Paper posters are great for attendees to find their way around, but displayed on a big screen is so much better.

Digital signage allows you to display additional information such as sessions, interactive maps, and updates throughout the day.

You can even have your audience scan QR codes to unlock additional information such as services and offers straight from your business.



Audience interaction is a great way to create a memorable experience at an event, and you can allow delegates to unlock a variety of exciting possibilities with a screen.

Load interactive games onto your screens ahead of an event to create a fun and engaging activity.

You can use your game to collect information about visitors, or even to give away prizes to create a buzz around your stand.



Digital signage is the perfect addition to any retail environment.

The screens can be used as an interactive catalog for audiences to browse – something that proves particularly useful for products and services that can’t be made physically present at an event.

It can be used as a means of purchasing – like an interactive til – that can speed up the buying process at an event and cut queues around your stand.


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