Top tips for iPad conferencing

Perfect for connecting with business partners and investors across the globe – iPad conferencing has revolutionised the way we conduct meetings.

All it takes is the sleek and popular Apple product, some easy to use software and great time-keeping, and you can be brainstorming ideas and shaping the future of your business with like-minded individuals without even having to be in the same room.

But without proper preparation, iPad Conferencing will not give you the best results and could leave you feeling disconnected from your peers.

Never fear! Here at ITR, we have some top tips to help you conduct the perfect conference call using your iPad:


When you have the best software, you will have no problems keeping the conversation flowing.

Alternatively, sub-par software may compromise the quality of your call, making you seem unprofessional and unprepared.

When searching for the best conferencing software, do your research and pay attention to reviews from people who have been using the platform for the ways you’re going to use it.


You don’t just need to think about the software you will use, you also need to think about where you will conduct the conference.

You may not all have to be physically present, but it’s still important to consider your environment, even when you’ll only be conversing with people through a virtual device.

Make sure you find a quiet space without too much outside noise or distractions that will disrupt your conference.


This may seem like an obvious tip, but it doesn’t hurt to remind yourself!

Making sure everyone will be on time to your iPad conference is vital – no one wants to be left red-faced when joining in on a bustling discussion.

Coordinate with those involved ahead of the conference on a date and time that will best suit everyone. Make sure everyone is logged on before the time of the call, and don’t begin until you have that confirmation.

Send reminders directly to the mobile devices of those who will be on the call, so it’s always fresh in their memory.


Organisation is key so that your conference doesn’t become derailed.

Make sure everyone is up to speed on what your conference will be about and the points you want to cover ahead of the call and make sure everyone is clear about who is going to talk about what subjects.

Go through any required presentations or material ahead of the conference, or even have a dry run of the meeting so you can determine what works and what doesn’t before you’re connected.


Meetings in person tend to stray into personal anecdotes, but that doesn’t need to be the case during an iPad conference.

Get down to business as soon as possible, and make sure that everyone stays right to the point so your attendees remain focused and engaged with your message.

This will ensure you appear professional and passionate about the message you’re trying to get across.


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