Top tips on using VR for the first time

You’re dazzled by the innovations technology has provided us with over the past decade and your eyes have been caught by a shiny new Virtual Reality headset.

You get your hands on a VR headset a feel a rush of excitement…But, now what?

Despite recent developments in Virtual Reality technology, many people across the world have never donned a headset and explored the wonders of the virtual world.

The whole experience may seem daunting, but here at ITR we have some top tips for you to consider when using VR for the first time…


Despite the fact that many headsets now offer wireless capabilities so that you can walk around freely while using the headset – this can prove dangerous for a first time user.

It takes some work for your brain to adjust to the use of VR technology. It may seem like common sense that you are not flying through space or standing on the edge of a cliff, but because VR is such a new experience for your brain to wrap itself around, so it may take longer for this message to register.

If you don’t want your legs to turn to jelly and fall flat on the floor sit down for your first few uses of Virtual Reality. Invest in a swivel chair, which still allows you to turn and move.


Different VR applications drain the charge of your mobile phone – especially if you are using an older model.

Make sure that your device is fully charged so that you can enjoy the wonders of VR for as long as possible, before needing to take a break that is.

While you can plug in and charge while you are playing this is not advised as it can cause your battery to swell and damage your phone’s screen due to heat.


Overheating is the next thing that we are going to address.

If you are using an older model of phone that also supports VR, chances are that the superior graphics will cause your phone to struggle.

Take regular breaks to ensure that your phone is not over-heating. An over-heating handset can damage your battery, screen and overall well-being of your phone.

VR is fun, but it’s not worth damaging your phone over for the sake of a little breather.


VR headsets are notorious for causing motion sickness with prolonged usage.

While many brands have worked tirelessly to improve their headsets to reduce sickness, the fact still remains that the constant head movement and adjusting of the screen can make some users feel nauseous.

This is easily remedied with a number of solutions. Firstly, take a motion sickness tablet before playing to alleviate symptoms before they even begin.

Secondly, take regular breaks away from the headset so that your body can readjust to your surroundings.

We recommend playing for around 10-20 minutes and then taking a break of the same length.


The last thing that you want when you are fully immersed in a VR game is to be yanked out of the action by bumping into a wall – and it’ll also really, really hurt.

For reasons regarding immersion and most importantly safety, we advise that you clear yourself some space when using a VR headset.

We recommend clearing a space of at least three feet, even when sitting down.

If you choose to use controllers or wands, you don’t want to risk flinging your arms around and breaking your favourite ornament.


All fun is better had with friends – but having a friend present when using VR is also practical.

It’s easy to lose track of time when in the virtual realm, so a friend can let you know when it is time to take a break away from the screen and re-adjust.

When you eventually get used to the headset and begin to use it standing up, a friend can also be a spotter to make sure you don’t come to any harm from the real world when in the virtual one.


Wires can prove dangerous when using VR and yank you out of the immersion.

Becoming ensnared in wires can be a tripping hazard as well as ruining your gameplay. It is best to settle for a headset that is completely wireless.

The only exception for this being headphones. The use of headphones really does add an extra layer to your experience, and we would fully recommend you invest in a set of headphones to take your virtual experience even further.


Although you may not be able to tell drastic differences between different VR headsets, they do exist.

Pay attention to tutorials and instructions that you are given ahead of use, they are there to make sure that you have the best and most safe experience that you can.

Ignoring these instructions may not lead you to become injured, but it does mean you’ll be using up valuable fun time learning how to use the controls.


There is a whole world of amazing and convoluted applications out there for you to try in VR but we recommend starting off slow.

Don’t dive headfirst into a complicated game for more experienced users, take time to get to grips with the features of VR and what it has to offer.

We suggest starting with simple VR videos so that you can get used to the environment, before getting your whole body involved in the action.


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