The best Android apps for the Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Reality is a rising technology that has become more and more readily available to the public thanks to innovations that have lowered costs dramatically.

At the forefront of this technological revolution, is the Samsung Gear VR, a mobile virtual reality headset developed by Samsung Electronics, in collaboration with Oculus, and manufactured by Samsung.

The Gear has a number of design features that puts it ahead of its competitors – such as a custom inertial measurement unit, a proximity sensor, a hand touchpad and buttons on the side of the set, soft cushioning and a dazzling 5.7 inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display to name but a few.

The headset is only compatible with a number of Samsung phones which can make it limiting, but it holds an immense number of possibilities due to the volume of high-quality applications available.

But what Android VR apps are the best? We have put together a list of the top Android applications available right now for the Samsung Gear VR:


Minecraft: Gear VR Edition
The simple PC game that took the world by storm is now available on Samsung Gear VR – so players can explore their creations like never before.

Minecraft: Gear VR Edition is essentially the same as the mobile pocket edition, and offers both build and survival modes.

Unlike the console and mobile versions, users are now immersed in the blocky world, building and exploring from a first-person perspective.

You can build homesteads and battle creepers as if you were really there, adding another exciting layer to the already popular game.

Price: £4.99


Hitman Go: VR Edition
The popular Hitman series has made its way to VR, and its as action-packed as ever.

Each hit is a puzzle in itself, where you must find the best way through the hazards and threats to pull off the perfect hit.

The experience physically looks like a game board and it is eerily realistic – each player looks like a perfect plastic model, in a setting similar to a chess board.

As the player advances through levels, new enemy types and mechanics are introduced to increase the complexity of puzzle solutions.

Price: £7.99


Land’s End
From the creators of Monument Valley comes picturesque exploration game Land’s End.

Perfect as a de-stressing tool – users can take part in light puzzles while also taking in the opulent scenery of the fictional environment.

Use the power of your mind to unlock a long-gone civilization, and learn the secrets of Land’s End as you power through each mini-game.

Price: £4.99


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
VR doesn’t have to be a solo activity – it can also include a group of friends and heaps of fun.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is the perfect example of this, and it challenges users to demonstrate a number of different skills such as teamwork, time-keeping, and how they cope under pressure.

With the headset on, a player will stare at a randomly generated bomb covered with wires and buttons, and their nearby friends without headsets are looking at a manual.

They must walk you through the disarming process as you describe a bomb that they cannot see.

Price: £5.99


Paint VR
Fed up of the mess created by art tools in the home? Eliminate that hassle and break off the page with the innovative Paint VR.

This app allows budding artists to paint, draw and create freely on any surface. Paint across walls, draw across the floor, and even create 3D sculptures with no mess or clean up afterward.

Once finished, users can keep them all of their creations saved on the app without having to find space to stick them on the fridge.

Price: £1.49


Affected: The Manor
The physical properties of VR lend themselves perfectly to horror: Being immersed alone in a virtual world, having your eyes and ears covered, and interactive elements to name but a few.

Perfect for fans of the Resident Evil franchise, Affected: The Manor sees players creep around a spooky mansion setting in search for the secrets within.

Unspeakable horrors lie ahead, but will you continue with your journey?

Price: £2.29


Dark Days
Pairing puzzle and mystery – Dark Days is a thriller like no other available on the Gear.

Set in a creepy motel, players explore the world from a first-person perspective followed by the narration of protagonist Jade.

There are a series of puzzles ranging in difficulty that must be solved, all while the player is hunted by a nightmarish creature that haunts both reality and dreams.

Price: £5.99