LED – More than a single setup

No matter what kind of event you’re at, there’s bound to be LED screens aplenty on display.

It can become a struggle to stand out from the crowd because of the saturation. It may be that you’re looking for something that fits closer to your needs than a simple, straightforward setup. It could be that instead of something to simply relay information you’re looking to make a statement instead.

Making a custom setup for an event is far from the realm of possibility.

In the past, we have created a wide variety of setup styles and shapes. From rings hanging from the ceiling, with scrolling text, videos and images, to sweeping video walls, all made from high quality LED panels and maintained by our highly trained technicians.

LED screens and panels are capable of so much more than in the past, making them a fantastic choice for all sorts of events and situations. We at ITR have watched the medium change from a simple but effective way to show information into an art form of itself.

Not to say that the practical use has been left by the wayside. In fact, thanks to the ability to create so many shapes with LED panels nowadays, both aesthetics and utility are more than achievable.

Say you want to create a video wall that curves around a venue, displaying information as you progress. Creating a curved, seamless pathway is no hassle thanks to the Absen panels we use and maintain.

These panels are designed to work in a plug-and-play style, with intelligent connections linking each screen up and allowing for the creation of various shapes and setups. With a patented connection piece, and hang pin rotations of 120 degrees, they are flexible and adaptable into a myriad of shapes and configurations.

They have the added bonus of taking a quarter of the time of traditional setups to install, meaning having a unique setup need not be an extra time investment on build day.

We’ve worked with several different clients over the years to create all sorts of shapes and sizes of LED screens. Let’s go over a few examples of possible setups.

-Curved Tubes
These make incredible waypoints and are exceptionally eye catching as they can be either placed on the ground or hung from the ceiling of an event hall. Ideal for logos and video content.

A great choice for venues both inside and out, these arched displays allow guests to walk through them and view an array of content both inside and out. They can be made short and in a series, displaying quick snippets of information, or can be a full video tunnel experience.

Another fantastic option to hang in the air at a show, these spiral configurations are hardy and unique in equal measure, with plenty of artistic merit. Ideal for lifestyle brands and luxury goods.

Creating an LED pathway is an innovative way to draw people into your booth, or to give people another way to interact with each other. Consider pairing this option with pressure pads or other technology to have the content displayed change underfoot for an unforgettable sight.

A fantastic choice for a large-scale event with people from all over the world, or as an eyecatcher for any occasion, having a globe-shaped LED screen will certainly make you stand out amongst the crowds.

As you can tell, the options are certainly expansive. LED panels can be hung on walls, can be the walls themselves, can hang high from the ceiling, or be the very ground you walk on. This gives a wide variety of options for any event and venue, from large scale to small, industry to educational.

If you’re curious about what kind of setups we could make for you at your next event, show or exhibition, feel free to contact us for a consultation. Our experts will be able to help you determine the best LED display for your needs, ensuring that you can not only show all the content you need to show, but do so in a way bespoke to you and yours.