Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of live streaming.

It’s the new rage in technology that allows you to take your event across the globe, without even moving an inch.

Live streaming allows you to share your event or conference with the world through social media. Users can tune into your stream and experience the action as if they were there.

The technology is particularly successful as it allows you to expand your audience beyond event capacity. It allows users who cannot be physically present to still attend, opening up your event to a world of possibilities.

You can also encourage your audience to live stream their experience as well as documenting your own. Apps such as Periscope and Facebook Live helps attendees broadcast their personal experiences easily, and further helps your brand spread.

You don’t have to host an event the size of Glastonbury for live video to improve your event. Live video is actually a worthy investment for many types and sizes of events – including small concerts or business events.

In fact, live streaming might be most appealing to small events with an attendance cap, so you can maintain an intimate experience while reaching a broad audience.

Live streaming doesn’t have to be limited to a video. You can take online users on a journey through dedicated hashtags that let followers see all of the posts under this umbrella.

Defining a hashtag and encouraging attendees using it allows attendees to get involved with your event, and provides free promotion that will last for weeks, months, and even years.

But does it work? Well according to Facebook Live, users watch live video three times longer and comment 1ten times more than recorded footage.

Whatsmore, there’s plenty of free software out there, such as Facebook Live, that allows you to stream your event or conference for free. Simply log onto Facebook and start a stream from your mobile, tablet, camera, PC and more.

There are also creative strategies to increase views of your video according to Eventbrite, including focusing on elements of your event beyond the speakers or performers.

You can also film behind-the-scenes video for loyal fans, influencer partnerships featuring a guest speaker, and special announcements and interviews.

This gives those that watch exclusive content before, during and after an event that helps to promote your business, while also giving your viewers the chance to get involved.

After you finish the live stream, you can take all the footage and repurpose it for different marketing materials. Live streams don’t just disappear once they’ve finished, you can use them once more to promote your next event.

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