The rise of technology has brought some amazing innovations.

From virtual reality to artificial intelligence, technology from our wildest dreams has become real life. Does having an all-powerful watch like Inspector Gadget sound unrealistic? With wearable technology, this reality is closer than you think.

Wearable tech – such as smart watches and fitness trackers – is a hugely exciting piece of tech that takes a range of high-tech applications and puts them into stylish, effortlessly portable devices that can be easily worn.

What began as a way to keep us motivated through step tracking and monitoring our heart rates has become much more.

One of the most recognisable pieces of wearable tech is the Apple Watch, but the meteoric rise of the device has meany that many other brands have taken a stab at creating their own  offering.

Inside this fairly diverse category named wearables are different innovative worn technologies such as smart glasses, activity trackers, smartwatches, Head-Mounted Displays, smart clothing, wireless earbuds, wearable cameras, wearable ECG monitors, hearing aids and more.

Wearables – no matter what type you invest in – have a variety of pros that make them one of the most useful and innovative pieces of tech out there.

Most consumer and enterprise wearables can receive messages, communicate with others and provide visual aids, all the while providing a hands free experience.

Part of the advantages lie in the ability to better filter messages, alleviating users from the need to constantly draw their smartphone and check, allowing you to increase your productivity at work, at an event, conference of more.

Many wearables today have the ability to retrieve different physiological parameters about you as a user, giving you a completely personalised experience.

This gives way to drawing personalised health and fitness information that can revolutionise the health and fitness industries by allowing individuals to be better aware of themselves.

Many companies also allow you to personalise your wearable to best suit your tastes, such as offering additional straps and skins to match your likes and dislikes.

Furthermore, wearable technology can almost become a user’s personal assistant. Arrange your meetings, appointments, shopping lists and more utilising critical information that is at your immediate disposal.

Wearables can easily be connected to other devices so you can share data and perform tasks in a snap. Adjust your heating, play music through your speakers and more just from your wrist.

This isn’t to say that wearable don’t come with their cons. Questions have been raised regarding the accuracy of the data collected by smart watches, as well as the fact that they are a new technology that is bound to have it’s setbacks and unrealised issues.

However, since wearables are such a personalised and frequently used instrument in the nature, device manufacturers will have to learn very quickly how to adjust any usability issues that are bound to turn potential users off.

Rather than being an intrusive object, wearable technology is a sleek and sophisticated piece of tech that can pack a whole lot of power into a small package.

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