Mobile apps have changed the way we think about event management.

By facilitating seamless interactions with the audience, these applications have made organising events and conferences easier than ever.

There are apps out there for every stage of an event, from the initial planning stages to collating data right at the end.

Planning your next event? Take a look at our list of top apps to make the organisation process a breeze:



Pathable makes it simple to create a powerful, seamless and flexible mobile app for your next event.

Give your attendees an easy tool for booking appointments and building their agenda prior to the event, and build engagement and on-site excitement with live polling and games.

You can use Pathable’s built-in QR code scanner for session check-in, CEU tracking, lead retrieval, and gamification to create an interactive and engaging event.

The app even helps attendees plan their visit with detailed restaurant, city and travel information pages and provides a discussion forum to engage with each other before, during, and after the event.

You can create your app in under an hour and even make changes after the launch that appear immediately.

To download Pathable, click here.



Discover upcoming events and set up your own with Eventbrite.

Create a fully mobile-optimized event page and start selling tickets in minutes, and grow your event with built-in promotion and social sharing tools.

With the Event Brite app, you have constant access to data, reports, and check-in tools on any device to keep track of your event’s progress with different chart views.

You can drive additional sales through Eventbrite’s marketplace and promote your event with free tools like custom email invitations, built-in social sharing, and targeted event recommendations.

You also have access to the Eventbrite blog for tips from other event organisers, and you can schedule a chat with one of the seasoned event experts if you’re hosting a large or complex event.

To download Eventbrite, click here.



Simple and easy to use, Guidebook lets you create event apps through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

You can benefit from quick sign up, instant access and collaboration tools to help you get started, along with custom logos and icons to customise your setup.

Guidebook gives you access to a simple metrics dashboard as well as report downloads, polls and surveys that help you collect information about your event.

It comes with a social feed that allows attendees to network and keep up to date with notifications and recommendations for events, and you can take advantage of global 24/7 support right from your phone.

To download Guidebook, click here.



Showcase upcoming meetings and coordinate conference room reservations with Eventboard.

The user-friendly interface and customisable look allows you to arrange a schedule through cloud management platform Teem.

The event check-in discourages late-start meetings and allows for no-show meeting cancellations and rescheduling.

The end event early feature frees up rooms for others to use and any changes made appear immediately on the app.

Interactive floor maps allow you to see which rooms listed are available and allow you to make new room reservations. If there are problems with the room or tech, you can report them from the integrated display.

Privacy settings are included so you can choose which information to display, and the app is compatible on a number of different systems.

To download Eventboard, click here.



See every attendee interaction and use those insights to grow your events with Attendify.

The flexibly-priced app allows users to create branded registration pages, customisable checkout forms, and fast check-in pages to ease the running of an event.

It can connect attendees and keep them informed on a private social network with a fully featured event guide and handy tools to help plan the day.

You can centralise your event data on one platform and filter and segment your audience by different companies, job positions, when they were last seen and more.

You can capture every event interaction such as registration, profile creation, favoriting a speaker, attending a session and more to help you build a database of information on your target audience.

To download Attendify, click here.



WebMOBI is the world’s leading all-in-one mobile app and event management software with attendee CRM.

Using it you can create event apps, website, registration, live polls, lead generation, attendee engagement and more from just one application.

It has tools for pre-event planning such as guest importing and campaign emails, through to post-even solutions such as surveys, polls, reports, and statistics.

During an event you can use WebMOBI for mobile networking, to track activity on a feed, manage multiple sessions, and for your attendees to check in and print badges.

You can send invites to targeted members for relevant events based on previous event activity and track attendee status to create in-depth reports related to your event.

To download WebMOBI, click here.



Whova is an award-winning app that aims to save organisers time and maximize attendee engagement.

The agenda center, speaker hub, name badge generation, check-in, and announcement tools all aim to complete tedious event tasks with just a few clicks.

You can showcase your sponsors and exhibitors with various opportunities and live slideshows. You can also equip them with powerful lead generation tools such as business card scanning, promotional opportunities, QR code scanning and more.

Users can view other attendee profiles to connect ahead of events, and discuss information during and after the event has passed.

To download Whova, click here.



FestivalPro can help you plan any type of festival, whether it be music, food, technology or more.

Liaise with guests and manage vendors using the ever-changing app, while relaying important information to staff, volunteers, contractors, and stewards.

You can schedule stages and start selling tickets quickly using the app with multiple payment gateways, payment plans, refunds, ticket resends, barcodes and QR coded tickets, real-time stats and more.

Bulk mail any groups in the system and track statistics and responses using FestivalPro, and enjoy advanced user security and the ability to keep sensitive data private.

To download FestivalPro, click here.



Manage your next conference with easy-to-use planning tools.

The simplifies registration process and ticketing page help boost sales for your event, while you can create a bespoke mobile-ready schedule for attendees to browse.

Easily handle speaker proposals from collecting abstracts and papers to managing a review committee from one app.

It offers a range of event planning tools that help you customise your next conference and streamline the collection of information.

To download Busyconf, click here.



Designed for conferences and tradeshows, Grupio provides instant access to event details, social networking, live updates from organizers, schedule, sessions, speakers, and exhibitors.

Control your data with an easy to use content management system on a real-time basis that lets you publish changes as often as required.

List all sponsors and exhibitors in their own sections with logos, descriptions, and links to their websites for attendees to browse.

Apply customized branding images to different parts of the app such as the menu background and top navigation area. Make your events as unique as they are meant to be, by developing user-friendly event apps for iPhone and other smart devices.

To download Grupio, click here.



SpotMe inspires participants to foster collaboration, drive strategic alignment and supports organizations to solve meaningful business challenges through events.

The SpotMe event app lets you vote, submit questions, message other delegates and exchange digital business cards before, during and after an event.

You can schedule meetings, complete surveys, create personal agendas, study virtual libraries and meeting information ahead of an event while encouraging attendees to voice their thoughts.

Users can review case studies, browse speaker and attendee profiles, follow presentations, take notes, save items for later and more that connects the audience to your event like never before.

To download SpotMe, click here.