The weather is hotting up and our minds are starting to cast to sunny beaches and crashing waves.

When it comes to holidays, travelers are relying on their smartphones more than ever, not only as a source of inspiration but for booking and logistics as well.

Here, we take a look at the top apps available now for your upcoming trip…


TripIt helps organize your upcoming travel itinerary.

All you have to do is forward your hotel, restaurant, flight, and car rental confirmation emails to and it automatically transfers all the information to your master itinerary, so that you can easily view all your upcoming plans at once.

If you upgrade to the pro version, the company will find you alternative routes for when your flights get canceled, as well as send you automatic notifications from airlines about flight delays, cancellations, and more.

To download TripIt, click here.



Google Trips offers a series of the same features as TripIt with others that give it a run for its money.

The app offers customized tours, guides and maps, and shows restaurants and/or monuments that are close to your hotel.

Google Trips gathers all the travel information from your Gmail account, easily storing it offline so you’ll have access to it with or without Wi-Fi. Looking to travel lighter and save

You can also use the app’s destination-based features as an alternative to lugging around a heavy guidebook or digging through a ton of emails to find your reservations.

To download Google Trips, click here.



With PackPoint, you’ll be able to relax and just pack what you’re told to pack.

The app shows you what to bring based on the length of your trip, the weather in your destination, and any activities you’re planning along the way.

If you’ll have access to laundry facilities in your destination, PackPoint even allows you to account for washing your clothes and wearing them multiple times.

You can even share your packing list with other travelers on your trip via a bespoke link so they don’t forget any important items either.

To download PackPoint, click here.



Skyscanner is perfect for cheap flights.

The app searches for the most affordable and best options via its travel partners.

Similar to Google Flights, you can see the cheapest dates to fly, and you can also get alerts when prices change.

If you’re not sure where exactly you want to go, Skyscanner offers a category that lets you explore top deals from your nearest airport, as well as a curated list of destinations at affordable prices.

To download Skyscanner, click here.



This well-known travel website also offers an app allows you to book flights and hotels easily.

Access mobile-only deals, view your trip details on the go and search hundreds of travel sites with just one tap.

You can also save searches to your Watchlist to get alerts on when to book at the best price, and get automatic flight status alerts to save stress at the airport.

To download Kayak, click here.



Airbnb is a popular online marketplace that allows users to search and rent out homes, apartments, private rooms, hotel rooms or private spaces within homes.

To stay in an Airbnb on your next trip, visit the website or use the app. Enter the location that you’re planning to visit, select a check-in and check-out date and the number of guests included in the stay.

Airbnb will suggest local experiences as well as rooms and homes to rent. You can filter results based on the home type, price, booking method, amenities and more. If find something you like, you can book directly through the app.

To download Air BnB, click here.



App in the Air aims to be your one-stop app for all things travel, including loyalty programs, boarding passes and departure times.

The app also shows you in real-time how long the wait is at security, check-in and baggage claim.

When you connect to Siri, the app even allows you to measure your bag using augmented reality to see if it will fit in your plane’s overhead bins.

To download App in the Air, click here.



The XE Currency app quickly provides live, up-to-the-minute currency rates, then allows you to store and view them even when you’re offline.

XE’s integration with Alexa lets users ask about live currency rates and perform currency conversions for every world currency, and you can even view live graphs on a number of smart devices.

To download XE Currency Converter, click here.



Google Translate can translate more than 100 languages and several dozen languages both online and offline.

The instant camera translation is available in 38 languages, and two-way instant speech translation is available in 32 languages to allow you to converse with people from across the globe.

Once your text is translated, the app makes it easy to copy and share the translation via social media, text or WhatsApp so you can communicate with those at your destination before you even get there.

You can also save frequent or favorite translations in your own phrasebook for future use. The playback mode, where the app will speak the translation for you, is especially useful when you’re not sure how to pronounce your translated text.

To download Google Translate, click here.




With PocketEarth, you’ll be able to find your way with detailed worldwide maps that are ready to use offline at the click of a button

There are also a variety of destination-based travel guides included in this app that you might find useful.

You can enjoy offline travel guides, Wikipedia articles, nearby listings and public transit info as well as maps and navigation with this app.

To download Pocket Earth, click here.



With WiFi Finder, you can quickly find a fast wifi hotspot wherever you go.

The offline WiFi map functionality makes it possible to download an offline map of where you are traveling, so you can access the internet through free WiFi anywhere.

This is the only public WiFi hotspot app that is not filled with outdated or private WiFi networks but loaded with public WiFi hotspots that are verified and up to date.

To download WiFi Finder, click here.




Trail Wallet is an easy travel expense tracker that takes the stress out of spending abroad.

You can organize your expenses by trip or by month, set a daily budget, and easily add expenses.

When you get a bill or receipt, pull out your iPhone, add the amount using the Quick Add screen and you’re done.

To download Trail Wallet, click here.




Uber is one of the most popular ridesharing apps out there. It’s a convenient way to hitch a ride to or from the airport or to get around while traveling.

Simply enter your pickup and drop-off location and select your ride option. You’ll get matched with a driver who will meet you at your pickup location and drive you to your destination.

Rate your ride on the app and decide if you want to leave a tip.

To download Uber, click here.



TripAdvisor is the best app to make decisions when it comes to where to stay and visit while traveling.

You can quickly peruse millions of reviews, opinions, videos, and photos pertaining to just about anything related to your trip – bars, restaurants, hotels, airlines, and more.

You can use TripAdvisor’s Near Me function to find well-reviewed places close by, but the best feature the app has to offer is the number of countries it supports. Y

You can also ask specific travel questions in the app’s forums or add your own reviews to help other travelers find their way.

To download Trip Advisor, click here.



Discover the coolest experiences during your next trip with Culture Trip.

Culture Trip publishes over 1000 short articles each month, across a range of topics like art, film, and culture, that aims to give travelers a quick immersive dive into the city of their choice.

Create a wishlist of cities you want to explore, and Culture Trip will serve up a series of different cultural events for you to attend.

To download Culture Trip, click here.