From Charlie biting his brother’s finger to parrots playing peek-a-boo – each month and year brings us new content online that has taken the world by storm.

A post going viral on social media is the quickest way to advertise your brand to the masses and it’s absolutely free – though it does take hard work and know how to garner interest.

Looking to make your business the next online sensation? we take a look at some top tips to help your content go viral:



People reading content online love short bursts of information that keep them hooked – making listicles the perfect post to go viral.

Listicles with captivating titles such as ‘top 10 bargains on the high street right now’ or even ‘how to make your content go viral’ – ahem – entice your audience with informative information they can quickly digest.

Rather than posting content in large paragraphs, listicles are simple and easy to read by all audiences, opening your content up to more people.



Use hashtags and anyone who searches your chosen term will be brought straight to your content.

Using hashtags doubles your engagement on Twitter and Instagram, which usually means shares as well.

However, that is not true of Facebook, where it actually reduces reach.



People like to be the first to share something amazing with their friends.

Dazzle your audience with bizarre and shocking statistics and facts that they can share to similarly wow their loved ones.

Stunning imagery is also a great way to capture an audience’s attention and get them hitting that share button. If your business creates stunning art or setups, make sure you take plenty of photos to share with your online audience.

If you do post amazing facts or images, make sure they are legitimate. Do your research before you share it.




Making people laugh is always a good way to get a foot in the door and a share on social media.

Studies show that humorous content outperforms any other kind of content when it comes to shares. Laughter reduces stress, increases energy, and creates a bonding moment that makes readers remember your brand

Be careful, however – what makes you laugh may offend others, so make sure you keep your jokes light-hearted and brand-oriented so they don’t miss your intended audience.



Businesses don’t have to be faceless entities.

Showing your emotional side is always a good way to trigger a response from your audience, so don’t be afraid to post anything that has tugged at your own heart-strings.

We are creatures ruled by emotions, and a heartwarming story is sure to capture your audience and have them sharing your content with the world.



One of the things that can send your post viral is to use it to deliver a message about what you represent.

People have become more socially conscious, and are more likely to share anything you post that refers to a social issue.

Be aware however that issues can be polarising and may turn off some of your audience.



People may love modern technology, but they also love to reminisce about years gone by.

Throwback Thursdays on social media give you the opportunity to post nostalgic content to connect with your audience and have them longing for simpler times.

You can cash in on this sentimentality by linking your brand or product with something in the past of your target audience and invite their comments.



You have to share your post if you want others to do it as well. Promoting your post is the first step in going viral.

Using call to actions promotes your brand and can sit conveniently in your content.

You can also use mentions of authority sites, big brands, or niche influencers to promote your post. Tag them after you’ve published the post so it will automatically show up on their social media accounts.

Alternatively, you can send an email providing them with a link and informing them of the mention.



People love to share their knowledge on a subject and get hands-on with the content they’re reading.

People want and expect content they can discuss, and the more this is true, the more your content will get shared.

Interactive content such as quizzes is a great way to do this, as is imploring people to take part in polls and share their views in a comments section.