IBC2019 is just around the corner and we’re delighted to be the preferred suppliers for the leading industry event.

We will be supplying IT and AV solutions to the hundreds of exhibitors at the five-day event at RAI, Amsterdam.

When preparing for an event,one of the main questions you will ask yourself is how to attract attendees to your booth in a room full of competitors.

Here, we take a look at how you can attract people to your booth at an event ahead of IBC2019…



Start creating a buzz surrounding your event booth way before the event even starts.

Use social media to give hints about some of the amazing things you’ll have at your trade show booth. Get pictures from the event coordinators and post them on your company Facebook page as the trade show gets closer.

You can even post a few giveaways to get people flocking to your booth to receive fabulous prizes.



Helping your audience feel at ease at your booth is a great way to attract a wider crowd.

If you have a large event space, provide chairs for people to rest their weary legs after a busy day walking around the maze of booths.

If you’re limited on space, a simple smile from your booth staff and a friendly atmosphere works wonders to help recharge event attendees and keep them at your stand.



Keeping your booth stocked with essential items to all attendees will unite people at your stand.

Bottled water, snacks, pens and more – these seemingly common items could mark the difference between an empty and a packed booth at an event.

Trade show attendees are on their phone a lot during the event, so setting up a charging station will bring you a lot of traffic as well.



Turn your event setup into a statement that will make event attendees gasp as they pass.

Rather than a simple rectangular booth with tables and chairs, you can use a range of IT and AV equipment to dazzle passers-by into learning more.

Interactive screens and virtual reality equipment are just two ways to get people involved with your booth, while you can use curved LED and floor panels to brighten your surroundings.

You can also make an overhead display and hang it above your booth or lay some kind of graphic on the floor in front of your booth.



Interactive demonstrations and solutions help promote memory retention and are sure to create a buzz around your booth.

An easy way to carry out interactive trade show booth ideas is to give a demo of your products.

Aside from this, you can also utilise interactive screens so that people can peruse information about your business at their own leisure, complete purchases, take part in games and competitions, and much more.



Special deals are other great trade show booth ideas.

People like getting special things, and they are more likely to buy something from you that day if it is discounted or comes with other perks.

Keep it professional and beneficial to you. People jump on all kinds of deals, so it doesn’t have to be better than everyone else around you.



Everyone loves a game – especially when it means competing to win a prize.

Games play on human’s emotions, such as joy, curiosity, greed, pride, and envy, helping exhibitors draw in a larger crowd and keep them engaged for longer.

Successful gamification will offer rewards, inspire competition, or both. So choose based on what your audience might really enjoy.



Have a physical wall on your booth to allow trade show attendees to write personal messages or comments on.

Encourage passers by to come write something or display hashtags for them to post to social media that show up on your screen. This can be used to gather unique intel about show attendees, depending on what is written.

This is a great way to draw attention to both your booth as well as the trade show event and engage with trade show attendees.



Being able to start a conversation is key to staff performance at your booth.

Train them on how to approach people openly with curiosity and look for ways to connect with them. Which questions should they ask? What scripts do they need to know? How should they use body language? What is their goal when speaking with new people?

Make sure your training before the show gives them the answers to these questions so that your attendees are always kept informed.



If some of your existing customers will be attending the same trade show as your business, reach out to them using your in-house mailing list to tell them where to find your exhibition stand.

Many people attend trade shows in groups, often with friends or colleagues that could turn into valuable prospects for your business.

Let them know ahead of the show and you could attract an entire group of prospective customers or clients.


There’s still time for you to hire IT and AV solutions ready for IBC.

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