For 11 years we have enjoyed everything the Apple App Store has had to offer – from useful apps we couldn’t live without through to novelty programmes to keep us entertained for hours.

The iOS platform first arrived on July 10, 2008, with little over 500 apps available to download on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Today, the App Store boasts well over two million apps, many of which we’ve long forgotten.

We take a look back on some of the most popular apps of their time that have since fallen into obscurity:


Launched in 2012, Draw Something drew in people with its ability to get people to play games together from a distance.

The game challenged users to simply draw something and your friend would have to work out what it is.

The person drawing is provided three random words, ranked by difficulty, earning one to three coins if their partner guesses correctly.

In its first five weeks after launching, the game was downloaded 20 million times and won itself a Flurry App Spotlight Award in 2012.

There was even a board game version of the app released by Hasbro.


Flappy Bird caused a storm in 2013, leading to near-global addiction and the creator consequently pulling the app for a period of time.

The game is a side-scroller where the player controls a bird, attempting to fly between columns of green pipes without hitting them.

Flappy Bird was removed from both the App Store and Google Play by its creator on February 10, 2014, due to guilt over what he considered to be its addictive nature and overuse.

Developer Dong Nguyen claimed in-game advertising earned him a whopping $50,000 a day.


In early models, phones didn’t have a dedicated flashlight feature on early models meaning you had to download a Flashlight app to do it for you.

Google created the very first flashlight app, becoming so popular that most mobile devices now come with one pre-built into the phone.

Now that most phones include a flashlight, the original apps are redundant, but that doesn’t take away from their popularity when first launched.


Tap Tap Revenge, also known as Tap Tap Revenge Classic was a music game created by Nate True released in 2008.

The simple game allowed users to listen to popular songs and tap along to the beat as the bubbles appeared at the bottom of your screen.

The game was so popular that several themed spin-off apps were created, including a Lady Gaga and Glee variant.

In 2010, the game series and its parent company were acquired by Disney.


Vine produced some of the world’s most famous viral videos – in just six-second bursts.

Founded in 2012, Vine was a short-form video hosting service on which users shared six-second-long, looping video clips.

The Vine app could be used to browse videos, along with groups of videos by theme, and trending videos.

Despite being well-regarded, Vine’s owners Twitter decided to close the app down in January 2017.


Temple Run is a 3D endless running video game developed and published by Imangi Studios.

The player controls an explorer who has obtained an ancient relic and is running from evil demon monkeys who are chasing him.

The app was released in 2011 and was such a commercial success that it garnered its own sequel, titled Temple Run 2.

Temple Run also received activity books and a board game, with Warner Bros. Studios talking with Imangi Studios of a possible film adaptation.


Described as the ultimate bubble wrap simulator, the Bubble Wrap app went down a storm since it was first released in 2012.

The concept is simple – all you have to do is load the relaxing game and pop bubble wrap until your heart’s content.

Thanks to the counter, you will know how many bubbles you have popped and you will be able to share it on social media.

Although there have been several copycats, the main Bubble Wrap app hasn’t been updated since 2012.


If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a real Jedi knight, the lightsaber app was the one for you.

Simply pick a character, choose your colour and wave your phone around like a Jedi Knight, complete with sound effects.

You can even choose to add in your own personal avatar and really get into the Lightsaber Unleashed game even more.

There is no gameplay involved with this app, but this didn’t affect its popularity with both die-hard Star Wars fans and more since its release in 2010.


First released in 2009, Words with Friends is a multiplayer word game developed by Newtoy.

Players take turns building words crossword puzzle style in a manner similar to the classic board game Scrabble.

In addition, there is a chat feature built into the game that allows opponents to exchange messages.

Between 2010 and 2011, Words with Friends was one of the top-ranking games in the iOS app store.


Released in 2009, Angry Birds is an app that took the entire world by storm.

The gameplay revolves around players using a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed in or around various structures, with the goal of destroying all the pigs on the playing field.

As players advance through the game, new types of birds become available with special abilities.

Not only has the game been downloaded more than 12 million times from the iOS app store alone, but it has also spawned various sequels as well as a 2016 feature-length animated film and a whole franchise of merchandise.