Hiring from ITR means that you can rest easy in the knowledge that we abide by a strict health and safety plan that assures the safety of all of our staff as well as our customers.

Those hiring out equipment for use at work are considered as suppliers under section six of the Health and Safety at Work Act and so have broad responsibilities for the safety of the products they hire out.

All suppliers must supply safe work equipment, whether this is new, second-hand or hired out, and ITR are no exception.

We perform checks and tests on our products to assure that they are all in fully working order, are CE marked, and safe to be hired out to our customers.

When operating and setting up our equipment, all staff are required to wear safety materials to prevent them from coming to harm.

Tests are carried out on equipment while on-site to assure that they are working effectively, and to fix any possible problems that may occur ahead of your event.

Our staff are always on-hand to provide any help to clients, as well as to fix any problems that may arise with equipment quickly and safely.

Hiring from ITR is not only quick and cost-effective, it’s also safe.