Data Capture for iPads for Live Events

Our data capture application includes all the typical question types and response options, including multiple choice answers, sliders, opinion polls (with smiley faces), free text responses, quick and easy number entry, there are too many to list them all!

Ready to go out of the box

All the tablets are set up prior to dispatch, preloaded with apps and logged in to the app so everything is ready to go straight ‘out of the box’ once it is delivered.

Collects data online and offline

The iPads will continue to store data on the device itself if an internet connection is lost and then upload the data to the cloud once a connection is restored.

Fully branded user interface

We can add custom colours, images, corporate logos and any branding to make the question pages shout about your brand or your event.

Easy reporting post event

Easy to understand spreadsheets are supplied to you after the event with a full breakdown of all the data captured.

With the true nature of experiential events being short-term and in unusual places, having a flexible solution that will work in any environment is essential to the success of the event and the solution itself. Our data capture system for iPads will work offline if there is no internet connection available, and once an internet connection is restored the information is submitted to the cloud for analysis and reporting.

The iPad battery will keep your data capture app running for a day (in normal circumstances), therefore putting the iPad on charge overnight can give you all you need to keep running the next day. We can also supply backup devices if you are worried about battery life to ensure your event runs without any unexpected hiccups.

If you have a complex questionnaire and would like different questions to show based on previous responses, this can also be catered for within our application and gives different guests a really personalised experience and a greater depth of data and information specific to that specific visitor.

Each data capture app is created to automatically time out and go back to the start (should it be left in the middle of a form) to allow each user to complete the full set of questions and assist with this being a truly stand-alone system where required.

Data Capture for iPads for Live Events can be used in different environments

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