Dynamic Content for Exhibitions

Adding dynamic content using facial recognition to your exhibition space has been proven to have an uplift in recent case studies.

We set rules for different viewers to enable them to see different sets of content. Prior to the event we have determined which videos or imagery you have and with your guidance targeted this to different visitor groups – bearing in mind gender, age and mood. This content is then input into rules that determine what is shown on screen for each of the demographic categories.

All of these changes are a truly passive action; the viewer needs to do nothing more than stand in front of the screen and look at the videos that are playing. Once the face is detected the content will change in the set playlist and show the relevant piece to the viewer.

Discreet Cameras

The small cameras used to operate this solution are easily hidden.

Full Post Event Reporting

The post-event reports will show how many people of which demographics have looked at the screen/screens

Small Bandwidth Requirements

With most of the software running from an on-site server, the solution uses very little bandwidth to send data to the cloud servers.

Proven To Uplift Sales

Case studies have proven that areas with dynamic content saw a 22 percent uplift in sales compared to standard looping videos.

Simple and easy to use

The content for the screens is all remotely managed by an online content management system which will give you full and instant flexibility to change both the videos or imagery you are using and the rules for display throughout your show. This can even be managed by a marketing team who are off-site and doesn’t need to take up the precious and limited time of your stand staff.

No images of the guests or their faces are stored by the cameras or any of the on-site equipment, making the solution fully GDPR compliant. The on-site servers calculate all the data in real time from the live camera feed before this is submitted to the cloud for further analysis.

The system is very simple to set up on site, giving each of the computers power and a network connection (which our on-site teams will connect for you) gives power and control to this system. If the network connection was to drop or lapse on site for any reason the screens will stay running and look like normal. The information captured of the demographics of the guests will stay stored on the onsite server and upload to the cloud once a connection is resumed.

Dynamic Content for Exhibitions can be used in different environments

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