Interactive Touchscreen Applications For Exhibitions

The main feature of our software is that it has been designed for touchscreens and therefore gives easy and simple interaction through the range of different inbuilt applications.

We can create information pages, image galleries, venue maps with hotspots, all to serve information to guests. These can also be used as a great sales tool for staff to show delegates the information they need, all in one place.

Cloud Based Platform

Accessible from anywhere in the world with a live internet connection.

Relevant information

All of the information on the platform is hand-picked for you and your show.

Easy to customise

Your corporate branding, logos and colours are uploaded to the cloud platform to make the software look part of your event displays.

Runs on multiple displays

The platform can show on any number of interactive displays across your exhibition or event space.

Keeping visitors engaged and interested

If you wanted something more light-hearted, we have some inbuilt games that can be customised with your branding to create quick and simple yet memorable activities. The simple match game can show pictures of your products, solutions, or even staff that need to be paired up to complete the game. Or a traditional image slider where you need to piece the puzzle back together correctly can showcase some of your key brand or event imagery.

With a varying number of ways to display your information, including custom HTML pages, image galleries, pdf viewers, you can easily and simply use these apps as stand-alone information points, or areas where delegates can be shown information by your sales teams.

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