On Demand Badge Printing for Conferences

Badging at an event is always important for organisers and exhibitors, but less of a priority for delegates, and it is our job to make sure this process is as quick and easy as possible. The short time that people have to arrive and print their badges (usually during some welcome drinks or breakfast) means our terminals need to be quick and easy to use with little training. Our self service system provides exactly this, and gives a slick and professional look to your event right from the outset.

Simple Delegate Uploads

Adding your delegate data to the system is easy with a simple spreadsheet upload.

Self-Service Terminals

The system is designed to be self-service so delegates can quickly print their own badges.

Custom Branded Platform

Add your custom colours and backgrounds to our check-in screens for full personalisation.

Full Post Event Reporting

Showing a number of metrics to analyse your attendee types, entry times, and more.

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How our system can help

With live reporting of how many attendees are at your event, broken down into visitor categories, you can quickly keep an eye on your targets and update key stakeholders. Full reporting post-event shows the time each of the attendees printed their badges which when analysed will show you peak entry times for each attendee category. This can be further investigated against the event agenda to see if specific speakers drew an audience and people registered and went straight into the keynote, etc.

With a number of different badge formats available we have a solution for every event. We can also print barcodes or QR codes onto the badges that will then allow for the badges to be scanned at various entry points to the conference, or specific sessions. Capturing this additional data alongside the badges gives great insight into how the event has performed overall.

On Demand Badge Printing for Conferences can be used in different environments

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