Screen Content Management System for Conferences

The screen content management system can easily be used to control any of your displays at a conference. As an organiser you typically have lots of displays to control spread across a large floor space, and running to each of these individually to update what is playing can take a considerable amount of time! Remotely controlling all of these screens from a cloud platform allows you to quickly and simply update the screen content and make instant changes.

Total control of your screens

Remotely manage all the content on your screens, even giving control to someone offsite

Real time updates

Update the content on the screens in real time from anywhere

Easy to use interface

Control and change your screen content with little training

Instant updates to content

Control all your screens remotely

If you need to change a room location, you can quickly update the digital signage at your event to reflect this and inform all the guests immediately about the room change. Or if you need to update a speaker at your event this can be quickly communicated to all the attendees, without having to visit each screen!

Screen Content Management for Conferences can be used in different environments

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