Keep your screens interesting at your exhibition

Changing and updating screen content at your exhibition will keep your displays showing something different and gaining the interest of passers by. Controlling this remotely means you can give this responsibility either to a marketing team back in the office or to a member of senior stand staff. That person can stand in the middle of your exhibition space and instantly update all the content on the screens and see what looks best where.

Total control of your screens

Remotely manage all the content on your screens, even giving control to someone offsite

Real time updates

Update the content on the screens in real time from anywhere

Easy to use interface

Control and change your screen content with little training

Keeping exhibition visitors interested

If one of your products is particularly slow in attracting attention, you can change your prominent screens to feature this product. Or, if you see a display isn’t working you can change this screen to something else. Or, you could even give control to the sales team who when they are speaking to a customer in front of a specific display they could play a relevant video on the screen adjacent to them.

Screen Content Management for Exhibitions can be used in different environments

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