Using our 4G sentinels strategically placed to capture different stand features at your exhibition gives you true data to show the popular areas of your stand. Whether the areas are geared around a product or service that is featured in a specific space, or whether you have some interactive activities that are the focus for the 4G sentinel positioning, you will get a really good understanding of what drew the most attention on your stand and how to capitalise on this for future events. As a contrast to this, you will also see the quiet areas on the stand that need to attract more attention or the areas that could be swapped for another product feature.

Not only does this data help for planning the next event, this data can also impact decisions outside of the event, including further sales and marketing decisions.

Sensor technology

The sentinels/sensors we place throughout your exhibition space are discreet and small enough to easily hide within any structure or space.

Customer insights

An online dashboard will show you what is happening on your exhibition stand and how many visitors you have at that time and what areas they have visited.

Easy-to-use analytics

The live dashboard and post exhibition reports produced are easy to understand and will give you a real insight into how the space worked for you.

Exhibition stands can have multiple entry points and features such as demonstrations, product showcases and meeting spaces.

Using standalytics to segment visitor/delegate activity by event duration and area gives advantageous data that shows areas of success.

Perhaps more importantly, it allows for predictions for further events which creates financial opportunities for things such as premium sponsorship and placement.

As an event organiser for an exhibition, using Standalytics 4G to monitor the traffic flow around the exhibition space can give you huge true data insights into how areas of the exhibition have worked for you.

Were your seating areas used? Were there any slow areas or less busy areas of the exhibition that need some extra help next year? Did people struggle to find some of the stage areas at your exhibition? Where were the busy areas of your event that you need to allocate more space to next time around?

Having true data to interpret for the duration of your event, rather than just a snapshot or a feeling from someone allows you to make the right decisions for next time around.

Our standalytics gurus can help you decide how to monitor your event by working with you to understand your floorplan or stand plan and your targets for the event. We have a wealth of experience in a variety of different events and can give you our knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your standalytics analysis for your exhibition.

What does the data tell me?

Our data is simple but crucial

The post-event report you will receive fully analyses the data captured for the event and breaks down the information into key feature areas as well as overall event statistics.

We will give you the opportunity to have a full debrief on the data and give you our expertise and understanding to help make informed decisions for the next time around.

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