Experiential and pop-up events are all about attracting attention from passers by and getting them to interact with your brand. Traditional methods of counting the success of this includes counting the number of give-aways that are handed out or counting how many times a VR activation has ran (for example). These methods aren’t a true reflection of how many people have been exposed to your brand and been involved in the activation.

Standalytics can give you a total number of people who have seen your activation, numbers of people who have been involved in the activation and totals that will give a more accurate reflection of the total brand exposure.

Sensor technology

The sentinels/sensors we place throughout your live event space are discreet and small enough to easily hide within any structure or space.

Customer insights

An online dashboard will show you what is happening at your event, how many visitors you have at what time and what areas they have visited.

Easy-to-use analytics

The live dashboard and post event reports produced are easy to understand and will give you a real insight into how the space worked for you.

Most live and experiential events usually have multiple entry points and features such as demonstrations, displays and interactive areas.

Using standalytics to segment visitor activity by dwell time and area gives advantageous data that shows areas of success.

Perhaps more importantly, it allows for predictions for further events which creates financial opportunities for things such as premium sponsorship and placement.

Guesswork is for the competition!

The zones in which we monitor the traffic are completely configured by us on site, and these are set specifically to the activation area and spaces that you are using for your event to ensure we give you the best possible data.

Our central zone will capture the number of people who have entered this space, typically this is your main activation area (can be your whole event space), and we monitor how long your visitors stay in this space/interact with your brand. We also monitor how many people pass by your event space, and the average amount of time they spend in this area.

This data is captured and recorded per hour over your event duration, giving you insight into peak times that your activation is at the busiest and allows you to reflect on staffing and whether this needs to be increased or decreased accordingly.

All this data is great to truly reflect the ROI for your event rather than relying on less accurate figures.

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