Twitter Walls for Exhibitions

Don’t just think of twitter walls at exhibitions for organisers or a whole event; ITR has run many successful twitter walls for individual exhibitors at events who have some really popular twitter displays. If you have a particularly engaging experience or competition on your stand you can showcase this and it is a great way to make your presence known at the event. When delegates see their messages among others posted on a display on the stand you will encourage interaction at the event from a broad range of guests.

Real Time Displays

Messaging will be updated and shown on displays in real time.

Cached Tweets

Messages stay in the system so your Twitter wall won’t show as empty or blank.

Personalisation Options

Add your corporate colours and identity to the displays in coloured backgrounds and fonts.

Auto Updating

In quiet periods tweets from previous days will repeat and any new content will be added.

Twitter Walls for Exhibition Organisers

Show the popularity of your event through the social media channel

For event organisers having a twitter wall at your event is almost an expected feature now with all attendees and exhibitors expecting to send messages using the event hashtag and see this appear on screens at the event. Delegates and businesses alike promote their attendance through this social media platform and it is great to show how busy your event is by growing interest online using Twitter.

Twitter Walls for Exhibitions can be used in different environments

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