So you’ve hired some high-tech equipment from ITR – congratulations! But what next? How do you make this piece of equipment bespoke to your business needs and event personality? With our pre-configuration services, you don’t need to worry about it. Our pre-configuration services ensure your exact configuration requirements are met prior to equipment dispatch. From upgrading memory or flash, through to applying configuration files and adding necessary apps to your device, our team of highly trained and experienced engineers can ensure that all your devices arrive at the correct locations ready to be installed. This saves you a lot of time fiddling about with different application stores and researching what programmes will help you deliver the best event experience, because we’ll do all of the hard work for you! Here at ITR, we have a wealth of events experience between the members of our team, and can liaise with you during the pre-configuration process so that you understand what changes we have made to your device, and why it will make an impact on your business. From simple application installation to optimising the device itself, here at ITR we won’t just pair you with the perfect device, we’ll ensure every little detail is accounted for.