LED Range LED Range

beMatrix LED Skin
  • Pixel pitch 3.1mm
  • Panel size: 496 x 496
  • Panel Type: Flat, Curved, Corners
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Aluvision Hi-LED 55 LED Panels
  • Pixel pitch 2.8mm
  • Panel size 496 x 496 x 55
  • Panel Type: Flat, Curved, Corners
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Unilumin UPAD III 2.6mm LED Panel
  • Pixel pitch: 2.6mm
  • Panel size: 500 x 500mm
  • Panel Type: Flat, Curved, Corners
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  • Pixel pitch: 2.6mm
  • Panel size: 500 x 500mm
  • Panel weight: 6.3kg
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LED Solutions

LED Walls

  • Exhibition Stands
  • Retail Displays

We thrive on collaborating with a captivating array of clients, each with unique digital demands that call for the brilliance of LED technology. Whether it’s a sleek LED wall gracing an exhibition stand or an intricately immersive LED wonderland, complete with interactive engagement through gesture control, we’re invigorated by the spectrum of possibilities that LED brings to life.

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LED Backdrops

  • Conferences
  • Award Ceremonies
  • TV & Film
  • Concerts
  • Theatres

LED backdrops stand as luminous titans, transforming conferences, award ceremonies, TV and film productions, concerts, and theatres into immersive experiences. They infuse presentations with vitality at conferences, elevate award moments into dazzling memories, paint narratives with a spectrum of hues for TV and film, synchronise with music at concerts, and bring imaginations to life in theatres. These versatile backdrops illuminate the path to a future where technology and art entwine seamlessly.

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LED Shapes

  • Experiential
  • Product Launches
  • Pop-Ups
  • Entrances

LED shapes serve as versatile tools, enhancing experiential setups, product launches, pop-up events, and entrances with captivating innovation. They redefine experiential spaces, lend a touch of sophistication to product launches, infuse pop-up events with engagement, and turn basic entrances into grand illuminated portals. With LED shapes, events embrace radiant possibilities that transcend the ordinary.

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Flown LED

  • Exhibitions
  • Ariel Wayfinding

Are you aiming to achieve an exceptional “wow” factor at your event? You should consider our Flown LED solutions.

Our team of LED experts specialise in the design and implementation of a diverse range of Flown LED solutions, encompassing various shapes such as cubes, curves, circles, squares, and flat panels. Our dedicated designers are committed to simplifying your event planning process by collaborating closely with you to develop a Flown LED solution that aligns precisely with your specifications.

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LED Panels are a fantastic choice for customers who require fantastic picture quality. LED technology gives ultra-bright image quality and is particularly attractive when mounted together into panels. In addition to this, LED panels also have excellent colour rendering and are especially striking. Hire LED Panels from ITR today.

We offer a series of different LED solutions to suit your every need. Whether you need an LED wall, floor, curved LED or flown solutions – ITR are here to match you with the perfect product.


If you’re after a screen for whatever purpose, be it staff room leisure, presenting the latest video work or as a tool for showing presentations to clients and internal staff, then have a look at our huge selection.

We’ve got a wide range of LEDS on offer, from 32” right the way through to 95”, with hundreds of units available from leading makers such as Samsung, NEC and Iiyama. All of our screens have been tested to guarantee quality and can be delivered at a specific time slot to suit you.

Our screens come with a completely free of charge wall bracket, Unicol floor stand or desk mount to provide you with the best solution to showing off your newly rented screen. If you require more options, we also offer parabella stands, hanging brackets and Unicol tableau pedestal stands for something a little different.

One of the other benefits of hiring LED panels rather than buying them outright is that we can configure the settings before you receive them. Popular choices include custom screensavers and desktop setup, but our customisation doesn’t stop there.

If you require more specific configurations, we are always happy to help. By configuring your screen settings before delivery, you and your business can minimise its time spent making any changes onsite to make for a more efficient business.

Looking for something to really make a visual impact? Why not rent one of our large format video walls, making your visuals shine. These are perfect for exhibitions and conferences to shout your message to the masses.

Our video walls come in a variety of different sizes panels, but are also available in bespoke sizes should you need it larger. They are able to be mounted to a wall for a slick and modern look or as a freestanding structure, reducing space taken up with low profile legs.

We can make video walls completely bespoke to your business needs. Want to have an LED wall in a particular shape? Or want LED panels to be hung from the ceiling? Our highly-trained technical team can make your dreams a reality.

If you require any extra help, our trained staff are always happy to install equipment onsite. We provide an installation service which can cover everything from basic assistance to advanced, more complicated networking requirements.


When it comes to business use, our LED panels come with a variety of functions that can be utilised within the office.

Our panels can be pre-loaded with all of your content so that during important meetings, you never need to worry about leaving enough setting up time.

LED screens are brilliant path-finding tools, and our screens are sure to show-off your business maps, information, and more in stunning high-quality.

We can also install different interactive applications onto our LED screens so that your workers can get hands on with your installation.

OUR LED panels can be great for hosting fun team-building exercises. Turn an LED floor into an interactive instrument that workers must create pieces on, or display puzzles on an LED wall to get your employees to compete for prizes.

We take responsibility to ensure that all of our LED screens are fully tested and cleaned before delivery.

Should you encounter any problems, our staff are always on hand and contactable via the phone to make sure your issues are quickly resolved.


While LED can be a great solution for office training days, it really shows off its incredible capabilities at exhibitions.

One of the greatest challenges facing exhibitors today is finding a unique and exciting way to engage with customers. These events are often crowded and it can be hard to stand out among your competitors.

LED screens provide a sleek and innovative way to stand out from the crowd. The panels can show high-quality imagery and video and stunning resolutions so that your business can really capture a crowd.

Our large range of LED panels means that we can create a range of eye-catching and jaw-dropping installations that are sure to draw a crowd to your stand. From LED walls to flown LED – we can make your dreams a reality.

We can pre-load content and applications onto your LED panel so that you don’t need to worry about this on the day of an exhibition. We can also install touchscreen capabilities onto your screens so that event attendees can browse through content at their own pace, or even play games at your stand.

What’s more, our LED can be delivered with equipment capable of reading CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray discs, so no matter what format your content comes in, it can be shown to your audience.

If your business will be interacting closely with clients, we can provide adaptors to connect your laptop with customers’ own screens. We supply HDMI, DVI, and VGA cables which are compatible with all of our devices. In addition to this, we also supply Splitters and Distribution Amplifiers so that you can split a signal from a laptop to multiple screens.


Looking to host your next business conference? LED can be great for delivering presentations to your attendees.

Presentations can become boring and stale, so why not spice yours up with some high-tech equipment? LED – with its high resolution and stunning content delivery – is sure to keep your crowd captivated.

Our LED screens can also be used in conjunction with Turning Point software to control interactive voting keypads and assess your data, so you can learn key information from your target audience to aid your next event.

Here at ITR, our prices are incredibly competitive and we can accommodate a variety of budgets. You can also distribute the costs of hiring laptops over several months, and benefit from our volume discounts if you own a large business.

All of our rentals can be fully insured against theft, loss, or damage. We work with HAE (Hire Association Europe); a company dedicated to providing insurance for hire specialists in the UK and beyond. We understand that accidents can happen and we offer our own insurance policy in case of any problems so you always have peace of mind.

Technology is changing the face of the world and businesses need to adapt to reflect these advancements. Often this can be a stressful and time-consuming task, but at ITR we do all the hard work for you so you can focus on your next event.

No matter what you need, ITR is always up to the task.

If your company is seeking LED hire, then IT rentals are the people to speak to.

Our staff are experts in this field meaning you will be more than happy with the service you receive.

We upgrade our panels constantly, so you can always be sure of using high grade equipment.

As technology becomes increasingly important for the success of companies, it is highly beneficial to stay one step ahead, as this will not only impress clients but also increase productivity.

IT Rentals offers an extensive selection of professionally-checked and quality assured LED solutions at a highly affordable price, so contact us today to see an immediate benefit from our services.

You might only need to use LED screens on a temporary basis for a single purpose in business operation. As opposed to having a surplus of redundant items that are only taking up space, you could alternatively rent LED instead of outright purchasing it.

Not only will this save you money, it can help to ensure that the deal is suited to your company requirements.

If you would like to know more about the service that ITR can provide for you, we are here to help.


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  • 7 Days a Week

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  • Consultancy

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  • Direct Hire Equipment

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6am -9.30pm Support

When hiring from ITR, you can take advantage of our highly-trained and knowledgeable staff whenever you need them.

Our staff are on-hand to answer all of your burning questions and to solve any problems that may arise from 6am until 9.30pm every single day, as well as being available on-site when needed.

Whether you’re hosting an event in the middle of the week on a blazing summer’s day, or on a weekend in the dead of winter – our staff are only a phone call or an email away.

This, coupled with our fast and reliable delivery service across the country and even overseas, allows you to de-stress and relax when you’re planning your event, with the knowledge that you have the unwavering support of ITR.

When you hire from ITR you don’t only receive outstanding products, value for money and a wealth of knowledge – you also get to benefit from our stellar continual improvement process.Constant feedback is an important aspect of the continuous improvement model, and something that we value between both our customers and our employees.

You will benefit from a business and a product selection that is constantly growing and improving based on your feedback and that of our very own staff.

7 Days a Week

No matter when you decide to host your next event or conference, ITR are able to deliver your products and be at hand to answer your questions seven days a week.

Our reliable delivery service ensures that your products are with you quickly and safely, no matter when you order – it could be at the height of event season or on a quiet midweek day, you will still receive the same speedy and effective service no matter what.

On top of this, our knowledgeable and helpful staff are only a phone call or email away from 6am until 9.30pm every single day to answer all of our questions and solve any of your problems.

Your time with ITR begins before and even after you hire from us, with our consultancy programme that allows us to elevate your future events.

Our consultancy services can point out the gaps in your event delivery or analyse your processes and procedures to ensure you are delivering value to your customers. We can evaluate your content to ensure that you are delivering the perfect message, and use conference design to improve your meetings with clients and workers alike.

Whatever you need from ITR, we’re here to help at all times.


Are you unsure of how to take your event from initial ideas to the final product? Don’t worry, here at ITR we can fine tune all of your event notes into one, incredible package. Planning an event can be confusing and stressful, but never fear! All of us at ITR have years of experience in the events industry that you can have at your disposal. We can help with everything from planning the solutions required at the event, pre-configuration, health and safety, software solutions and more so that your event is as polished and effective as possible. Our consultancy services can point out the gaps in your event delivery or analyse your processes and procedures to ensure you are delivering value to your customers. We can evaluate your content to ensure that you are delivering the perfect message, and use conference design to improve your meetings with clients and workers alike. By evaluating and discussing your events we will support you to fully understand the potential of your events, and help you succeed in areas you are unsure of. Opening your business and event up to critique and guidance is a bold move, but one we will prove is effective with our bespoke consultancy services.

Direct Hire Equipment

Here at ITR we supply IT and AV equipment rental solutions for businesses which are used at exhibitions, training courses, conferences and any short term event or hire period.

With ITR you can choose from a variety of different products from leading brands in the technology industry, all from under one roof.

Our wide range of equipment includes Apple Mac, laptops, PCs, tablets, printers, fax machines, LED/LCD screens, virtual reality equipment, touch screens,audio equipment and even robots – so whatever you need, we can supply it.

We only stock equipment from top manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Dell, Iiyama, Philips, Unilumin, NEC and Lenovo and as our stock is constantly growing and is always being updated with the latest technology, you never have to worry about quantity or quality when hiring with ITR.

If you’re not sure exactly what products you need, you can speak to members of our highly-knowledgeable team to help match you with the best solution for your next event.

With installation services, on site tech and a tech support line, if you ever experience any problems or have a simple question to ask, someone will always be at hand to help you.

Nationwide Coverage

No matter where you are, we can transport out products to you quickly and efficiently.

We have three offices and two warehouses throughout the UK, giving us a maximum reach across the UK and Europe for all of your IT and AV needs.

These locations include our head office and warehouse in the Midlands, our Manchester offices, and our fully-fledged warehouse facility and office in London.

Both of our warehouses have a large amount of stock of all of the products available, so you can be sure that ITR will be able to meet your IT and AV rental requirements and supply you with the best possible equipment exactly when and where you need it.

Our warehouses have complex internal tracking systems that allow us to track the location of any equipment whether it is at goods in, storage, despatch or on location.

Our varied coverage allows us to quickly and effectively transports items anywhere in the country, and even across the border.

On top of this, ITR only use technical couriers to ensure that your equipment is being delivered or collected quickly.

You can always rest-assured that your delivery will be on time, even during busy periods, with ITR.

Project Management

Managing an event or conference from start to finish can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful – taking time away from you moving your business forward – but here at ITR, we offer project management services to take this task out of your hands. From an attendee’s standpoint, the best events appear to have just come together effortlessly. However, in the event industry, the “effortless” appearance takes a lot of work. We have years of hands-on events experience – with everything from simple meetings to large festivals and exhibitions – so we can make any of your wildest ideas become reality. We can handle everything from the initial event ideas through to identifying product goals, sorting a budget, defining project constraints, setting deadlines and milestones, communicating with workers and potential attendees, and deliver an amazing finished project – all with as much or as little personal involvement from yourself as you wish to deliver. In the project management world, debriefing is an important final step in the timeline. Yes, the event is done, the speakers are back in their hometowns, and the photos are online, but the learning is never-ending and we can provide information that will help you for years to come. Once your event has passed, we can schedule a meeting with yourself to celebrate successes and review lessons learned for next time.

Same Day Delivery

When you hire your equipment from ITR you can be sure that it is in good hands, as we have a network of dedicated couriers ready to fly around the country at any time.

Not only can you enjoy the benefits of high-quality products, knowledgeable staff on-hand at all times, and value for money when you hire from us; you can always rest-assured that your delivery will be on time, even during busy periods.

No matter when you hire your equipment, it will always arrive quickly – even during the holidays.

We only use technical couriers to ensure that when your equipment is being delivered or collected. They have a strong knowledge of our equipment and are confidently able to carry out an efficient installation or de-rig when required.ITR’s comprehensive product range never goes out of stock, so you don’t need to worry that the perfect solution for your next business event won’t be available to you, or that stock levels will negatively affect your delivery time.

This, coupled with our fast and reliable delivery service, allows you to destress and relax when you’re planning your event, with the knowledge that everything you need to help pull it off will be with you exactly when you expect it to be.

Site Survey

When planning a project, working out exactly what solutions can be accommodated by your venue, whether there is enough power or if there are potential hazards that need to be taken into consideration can be difficult.  This is where ITR can help; our dedicated project managers can arrange to visit your site, look at the potential difficulties and find a solution that works to your brief.  If you would like a site survey when planning your technology solution, speak to your account manager.