Let us create a Virtual Exhibition for you and your delegates

Use our online platform to keep your event alive and keep your delegates engaged

Allow your delegates to walk the aisles in your Virtual Exhibition Hall where they can visit your key exhibitors, view their product or service offering, and digitally connect.

ITR have exclusive access to a Virtual Exhibition Platform and using our combined knowledge of live events we can bring (almost) all of the features of a live event to a virtual platform.

Delegates can visit virtual exhibition stands just as they would in a physical exhibition, they can register their interest in your products and services, view your video catalogue, download pdf copies of your literature to take away, and even engage directly with your staff in real time.

We work with Exhibition stand builders and Event Organisers to bring the virtual exhibition to life, and with no restrictions on travel you can invite delegates from all over the world!

The platform works incredibly simply in any browser, be that of a mobile device or a standard computer. A simple and easy to access platform which needs very little instruction for people to walk around.

How it works for Exhibition Organisers

Create your Complete Expo Online

Taking your event virtual is easier than you imagine! We will work with the stand builders and contractors for your exhibition to curate the ‘free space’ exhibition stand designs and convert these into the virtual platform. Each design is created to be photo-realistic and give delegates and guests the best experience possible.

For larger stands delegates will get a ‘walk around’ experience to view all the individual areas of the stand and get fully immersed in the design and view all the important areas.

Shell scheme stands are also looked after! These are offered a standard package of items to be included on the stand including a digital screen, literature rack and product display podium. Each of these will feature digital version of the real thing! Guests can browse through the pdf literature, view the video catalogue and download copies to browse at their leisure, just like a take away from an exhibition!

Product based virtual exhibition stand

How it works for Exhibition Stand Builders

We create a virtual version of your design

You have spent so long meticulously designing an exhibition stand to meet all the needs of your client; carefully and specifically showcasing their selected messages and giving enough focus to each. Let us allow your work to live on past the standard short life of the live event.

Your client will be given a set url link to view their virtual exhibition stand, with featured ‘hot spots’ where guests can view more information on specific products and services. These are great for a sales team to use at meetings or for prospects who may not have had chance to visit the live expo, but can still see the feature of the stand and all the carefully selected messaging.

Full Visitor Analysis

Exhibitors and Organisers get full access to a CRM platform showing a breakdown of visitor details and their interests.

Generate Sales Leads

Clients can staff the exhibition stand in realtime and live chat to delegates for sales leads.

Lasting Sales Tool

Exhibitors can have a unique URL to invite VIP’s to their exhibition stand and use this as a sales tool months after the live expo.

Interested in our Virtual Exhibitions? Send us a message and our experts will give you a call.

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