Using our discrete Standalytics ‘sensor’ technology, we create a number of focus areas around your conference spaces, whether this be main plenary rooms, breakout rooms, or even break areas. This allows us to analyse the flow of delegates around your event; highlighting rooms and areas that were popular at what times, and also the quieter rooms and areas that perhaps need a little more help to encourage delegates to visit.

Analysing all this data, either in real time or post event, can give you crucial insights into the success of different areas of your event and how this can be improved on for future events.

Sensor technology

The sentinels/sensors we place throughout your exhibition space are discreet and small enough to easily hide within any structure or space.

Heat mapping

Sensors produce a “heat map” of your exhibition space in order to show the key hot areas of your exhibition space and also the colder, less visited areas.

Customer insights

An online dashboard will show you what is happening on your exhibition stand and how many visitors you have at that time and what areas they have visited.

Easy-to-use analytics

The live dashboard and post exhibition reports produced are easy to understand and will give you a real insight into how the space worked for you.

Conferences (and larger exhibition stands) usually have multiple entry points and features such as demonstrations, lectures and breakout rooms.

Using standalytics to segment visitor/delegate activity by event duration and area gives advantageous data that shows areas of success.

Perhaps more importantly, it allows for predictions for further events which creates financial opportunities for things such as premium sponsorship and placement.

What does the data tell me?

Our data is simple but crucial

We provide a full breakdown of data in an easy-to-understand report, highlighting overall totals for the event as well as more in-depth data showing activity in specific areas. All our customers are given the opportunity to discuss the findings from their event with our standalytics experts who are happy to explain the data so it can be used to full potential for the next event.

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