Partnership Programme launch


It is one thing to help create a unique IT solution for an event. It is another to have the driving force behind it to help tailor it exactly to your needs. Knowing the behind the scenes details, the analytics of the stand at a show, the ins and outs of the equipment, and even being able to view the creation before it is physically made are services we at ITR can offer to help elevate your standing above the rest.

Thanks to years of experience in the industry, we have amassed a myriad of skills, data and information about the events world that make us experts in the field. When working alongside a client’s business, we believe that we become an extension of it for the time we work together. With one mindset, we can help make a fantastic show run with little to no hiccups.

It is because of this that we have made our new Partnership Programme, to help better that working relationship between us at ITR and our clients’ business. With this programme, we can offer additional services that will help benefit your business greatly with support and resources not witnessed by the events industry before.

Some of the benefits include free access to a variety of tools, software applications and industry partners that we have utilised to great effect. Tools such as Standalytics, which give analytics of not only your stand, but the surrounding environment of the show or event, a suite of QTApps that allow exhibitioners to make touch screen content without any need for a programmer, and  two years worth of decision data collected from 29 points across thousands of exhibitions stands.

Two other noteworthy services are Croissant and HiveMind. Croissant helps employers see when employees push the boat out and go above and beyond. It is a software that helps log the amazing things employees achieve anywhere in the world, letting the directors quickly identify those outstanding in the crowd. This helps foster healthy competition between workers to inspire not only themselves but the customers around them, and gives a great way to recognise those who achieve great things.

HiveMind, on the other hand, is a rapid innovation tool that allows teams to quickly create new products, decide how a company can grow, to help departments communicate better and allow for quick development and decisions to be made.

This may seem like an overload, but rest assured that alongside access to these services and resources we also offer our own staff to help navigate through them all. We want to make it easy for you to work with us, and to do this we have a team of dedicated Account Managers, Project Managers and On-site Technicians.

The Partnership Programme also comes with other great benefits, such as a structured rebate scheme, access to free demonstration stock, free places for on-site training with technical products such as our LED panels, and even a free Partner Day including hospitality.

You can even use Virtual Reality as a Partner to explore your build for the event ahead of time without any need for construction, giving a unique way to study the way guests will walk around and allow for little tweaks and adjustments to ensure it is exactly as wanted when the real deal is made.

We believe that we can grow and adapt to help provide better tools for our Partners; it’s why we developed Standalytics and Hivemind, for example. The former was made to help clients who were asking if there was a way to track the success of their stand at an event. The latter was a way for clients to share and manage internal and client information at the same time.

We want to foster and create a business relationship where we can give everything we can to yours, to help your business flourish and be the strongest it can be in the events scene. We believe no solution fits everyone, and that every client deserves a bespoke service catered to their needs.

For more information, feel free to get in contact with us. We at ITR are always happy to help and clarify, to help set a good foundation for the Partnership to come.