Interactive Voting for Conferencing

Interactive voting with handheld keypads or iPads gives a voice to even the quietest members of your audience.

Interactive voting at conferences is still one of the staple ways to gain instant feedback from delegates at your event. Our system quickly and easily integrates directly into Microsoft Powerpoint allowing you to quickly and easily create questions for your presentations. We can also create these questions for you should you wish, our content teams will add your questions into your presentations and theme the colours and look of the slides to your event slide deck.

Simple to use Interface

The hardware of either keypads or iPads is very simple to use with little or no instruction.

Instant Responses

The ability to show the responses immediately on screen encourages engagement from the audiences.

Post Event Reporting

We send you a copy of all the data captured from the system. This data makes great post-event follow-up information.

Displaying Your Results

How our system displays the results of voting

Simple graphs show instant responses from the audience. There are a number of options to display the responses to the voting questions, including bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, which are quick and simple ways for the data to be easily interpreted by the audience. The graphs have great impact and can quickly show the differences in responses, as well as totals, should the responses be close.

Interactive Voting For Conferences can be used in different environments

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