Twitter Walls for Conferencing

Publicising the use of twitter at your conference and displaying a fast-paced twitter wall is certain to gain the interest of everyone at your event.

Not only will you get great insight to the all areas of the event and all aspects of your programme, this also allows the speakers and staff taking part in your event to share “behind the scenes” imagery and messaging which are always incredibly popular and create great engagement.

Real Time Displays

Messaging will be updated and shown on displays in real time.

Cached Tweets

Messages stay in the system so your Twitter wall won’t show as empty or blank.

Personalisation Options

Add your corporate colours and identity to the displays in coloured backgrounds and fonts.

Auto Updating

In quiet periods tweets from previous days will repeat and any new content will be added.

Encourage interaction from all your guests

Guest speakers and sponsor companies are always keen to share their activity on Twitter and you can get some really great messaging from these guests who are keen to show their side of the conference with a wider audience.

The twitter wall display can be shown on a variety of different screens; large format displays up to 95” or even larger with custom built LED displays that truly show the messaging to a large audience. These displays are great in an entrance to your event to show people who are arriving at your event a sneak preview of what is going on inside.

Your Brand, Your Colours, Your Messages

How our Twitter walls work

Twitter walls are a great way of showing your chosen hashtag onto a large display. Each display can be themed to your corporate colours or event logos to showcase your brand at the same time. We can include client or sponsor logos as well and show the user’s profile picture alongside their tweet. Images sent in tweets are shown on the displays, as well as some of the most common emoji’s. We can include retweets and replies to show the conversations flowing or keep this to the original posts only so you don’t see the same message multiple times in succession. If your hashtag is slow to gain traffic the same tweets from previous days will repeat and any new content will be added to ensure your displays are always changing and updating. This is also great to encourage interaction for the twitter display as people will see the ever-changing and updating messages.

Twitter Walls for Conferences can be used in different environments

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